Trustee Profile

Kathy Parry - Trustee

Alongside her mother Patricia Maclean, Kathy is the founder and driving force behind Skillshop. When a former charitable workshop was about to close, Kathy stepped in to save the day driven by the fact she has a disabled son and knew what the loss of such a service would mean to other parents and their children. Kathy was particularly disappointed to see just how much provision for people with a learning disability was shrinking locally.

Kath brings with her many years experience of running her own company and, more importantly, a heart the size of Scotland.

In her limited leisure time, Kathy likes to relax with her family (she has five children) and watch Manchester United (we won't hold that against her). Whenever possible she likes to retreat to the family home in Portugal.

Patricia Maclean -Trustee

Patricia founded our main sponsors - MC3 Logistics in 1999. Patricia brings to Skillshop many years business experience, a fine work ethic and a true Christian love of people, especially the underdog. With her daughter Kathy she has ensured that Skillshop's clients have a real sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.

When not working, which isn't often, Patricia likes to garden, listen to Queen music and spend time at her villa in Portugal. Her children and grandchildren ensure that life is never dull and balancing time between all her interests is one of life's more challenging features.

Sue Gill - Trustee





Stevie Stott - Trustee


Georgette Smith - Trustee

My name is Georgette Smith I'm 28 years old and live in Halifax, West Yorkshire. 

I'm a fully qualified Chef by trade but by practise I'm a Relationship manager for a global Insurance company. 

I'm honoured to support Skillshop, a big part of the Halifax community and everything that they do to support their clients and the people of Calderdale.

I'm excited about the future and the great things we can do together at Skillshop!